Cari Fontaine- soulful vocals with a rock edge— a musical project birthed from a determination to overcome. Despite always having an exceptional vocal ability, Cari Fontaine hit the music scene almost by accident, singing in a variety of Open Mic Nights. With responses that were overwhelmingly heartfelt, it was clear that music would be a meaningful vehicle to convey all of life’s emotions— authenticity and sheer musical grit being foundational elements.

Cari partnered up with O.M Band, fulfilling a sound and a visual unlike any other as this One-Man-Wonder simultaneously covers drum instrumentation, guitar and bass frequencies, in addition to a unique vocal support.

Cari continues to share her gift in an ever-growing trajectory from LA to San Diego, sharing the stage with prominent local and International touring acts providing entertainment for private and public events. All made possible by Heyday Records & Events.

Despite being rather shy, Cari Fontaine’s vocal prowess has been compared to the likes of legends such as Janis Joplin, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. With a repertoire of original music and hit songs from every decade, Cari Fontaine & O.M Band are a breath of fresh air, offering a taste of musical nostalgia and innovation that is sure to be a captivating musical experience.

. . .

O.M Band, also known as, Temecula Music Mentor, prides himself in sharing the gift of music to all. Taught by an elderly blind woman in his late teen years, O.M Band eventually migrated to every other instrument he could get his hands on. With touring and recording experience under his belt, O.M Band continues to teach dozens of students and delight countless fans through the Cari Fontaine “experience.”